We need to increase our voter turnout to attract the attention (and funding) of the Provincial & Federal Governments. Check out a short video.

I hope you have been able to review the topics that are important to Our City: 

  • We’re feeling the pressure of residential and industrial development.

  • We’re proud of our natural areas.

  • We’re concerned about safety and security.

  • We want our downtown to be a place where everyone wants to live and shop.

 My proven integrity, history of community service and passion for our city, Chilliwack, will make me a valuable part of a new, energized City Council. I want Chilliwack to continue to be a place where we love to live.

 Voting day is Saturday, October 20th. Have you made your voting plan? Decide when and where you’re going to vote. How about going with a friend? You could post a selfie after you’ve voted and then go for coffee! Do you need a ride to the polling station? My team would be happy to arrange that. Give me a shout. I can be reached by:

·      Email soutar.debora49@gmail.com

·      Phone 604 798-0824

·      Facebook message

I want to work with you. Let’s continue the conversation. I’m listening.

I need your vote on October 20th for Our City, Our Vision & Our Future.